Total Care

You’re in good hands

DHI Total Care System is the gold-standard benchmark of best practice within the hair restoration industry. For our patients, it ensures they receive the very best treatment and the successful delivery of our procedures consistently. For our practitioners, it enshrines the standards we must meet to practice in the name of the brand, it’s the way we keep our promise. The Total Care System guarantees the quality of our service every time it is delivered, at every stage of it’s delivery.

From start to finish

The DHI Total Care System is a unique, start to finish client service package that meets all the needs of hair loss patients, seeking treatment. It delivers reassurance at every step of the hair restoration journey that we will embark on together. The process will be safe, the results will be natural and new hair will grow for a lifetime, yielding maximum results and ticking all the boxes.

A world first

We are proud to have the world’s first quality standardisation system in the hair restoration industry. We are at the forefront of innovation, safety and procedures. It is because of these world firsts, that make us the global leader in surgical hair transplants and hair loss treatments.

Excellence in safety standards

Safety and hygiene are paramount at DHI. It is imperative that our patients have the reassurance and piece of mind that their well-being is of the utmost importance. We are ISO-9001: 2008 Certified and accredited by the Care Quality Commission and the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

Get Your
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Everyone is unique. Your hair loss differs from your brother’s and from your uncle’s. Your treatment needs to be tailored for your specific needs. We will evaluate your eligibility and provide you guidance on how to get your own hair back. Just fill out the form below, upload a few photos, one from the front, top and back. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours. It’s that simple!



We transplant your hair follicles, resulting in regrowth of your own hair. This provides natural results that look and feel great.



The DHI technique ensures over 90% survival rate for hair follicles, leaving you with maximised results, that will last a lifetime.



The DHI technique requires only a short downtime after surgery. This means virtually no pain, no stitches and no scars.



Medically approved and clinically tested. DHI is safe and uses advanced instruments that extract and implant the hair respecting each follicle.



DHI offers a holistic approach to the medical, psychological, mathematical and artistic factors to select the appropriate hair loss treatment.

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