portrait of man getting hair cut in salon in MelbourneWhen it comes to getting a hair transplant in Melbourne, the thing many people get excited about is getting a great haircut, with a full head of hair.

Melbourne is one of the most cultural and vibrant cities in Australia. As expected the city is home to some great hair salons.


D’ARTANIAN Dior hairdressing

Situated in one of Melbourne’s most identifiable buildings, the Art Deco Manchester Unity Building is one of the most exclusive hair salons you will find in Melbourne. This hairdresser embodies Melbourne’s culture and vibe into one of the best-kept secrets.

Since its opening 2 years ago, they have fast become one of the top salons by creating an experience that is private, expert and upmarket.

Where has this exclusive, high end hair styling experience originated from? From London of course. After living in London for 5 years, they have perfected their styling skills in some of the worlds most prestigious and exclusive hair salons. This also allowed the owners to experience real trendsetting and now they still keep in with the latest trends from this international city.



Confidénte Salon

If you are looking to change hair styles then this salon has you covered with extremely high levels of service, one of the most advanced hair consultations and the quality and service to back up your bold move.

It all starts with a private consultation, everything about this award winning salon is discrete and private from your consultation to your wash all the way to walking out the door as the new you with your new do.

You will find them upstairs in the Royal Arcade, clients love their central location but still it is just out of the way so you are not fighting the tourists to get to the door. This allows you to take a break and let the expert stylists communicate and collect the information they need and then do their thing.

You may have seen their team take part in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, the models looked amazing and the team at Confidente Salon said it was a hectic but very rewarding day.


Debarge Hair and Caffe

Offering a unique mix of expert styling skills and amazing coffee, combined with friendly service that you just love to have.

We all know that every salon in Melbourne will serve you coffee, but this place has GREAT coffee and the culture to go with it from an integrated café.

Led by the professional of highly experienced stylists, they say that they have the skills and that is second nature, their goal is to focus on the person and deliver great service and an experience the customer will never forget.

The team are a recent finalist in the 2016 Australian Hair Industry Awards including Salon Team of the Year and Best Customer service.



If you are considering a hairline redesign or a beard transplant in Melbourne you will need to keep on top of the top salons in Melbourne, if not for you for your partner in crime.

For more information on Melbourne see the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce.


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