Melbourne's famous skyline from Southbank towards Flinders St Station in Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaIf you are going to be investigating or researching the best hair transplant in Melbourne, then you had better know your facts and figures about this great city. Seeing as we have many patients who fly into Melbourne from other states in Australia and from NZ, we thought we would give you a crash course on some of the facts and some of the little-known facts so maybe you can bring them up in the next pub quiz.

You either love Melbourne or you can’t stand the weather, but two things are true, they have some of the top hair salons in Melbourne and you can’t go past the Melbourne living and culture that for many defines Melbournites. But what about the other facts about Melbourne and what about the things that most people don’t know… We up-skill you on those little-known facts that could come in handy one day…


Quick Melbourne Facts

  • State – Victoria
  • Population – estimated at 4.5 million people
  • Top three residential suburbs by size – Melbourne CBD, Southbank, Carlton.
  • Median age – 36 (in 2011)
  • Greater Melbourne Size – 9,990 kilometres square
  • CBD – 37.7 kilometres square
  • Oldest building – Mitre Taven (built in 1837)
  • Tallest building – Eureka Tower (Southbank at 300 metres)
  • Number of residential buildings – 68,000



Things you might not know about Melbourne

  1. Beer – Fosters, some say the most famous beer outside of Australia was first brewed yes in Melbourne in 1888 by two American brothers, Ralph and William Foster.
  2. Vegemite – another Australian staple, this one not famous outside of Australia was invented in Melbourne back in 1922. This world famous in Australia spread is still produced in the Vegemite factory in Melbourne
  3. Chocolate – Three of the most well known and popular candy bars – Crunchie, Freddo the Frog and Cherrie Ripe were all produced in Melbourne by the McRobertson Steam Confectionery. They were later sold to a large chocolate factory but they all started in Melbourne between 1880 and 1930.
  4. Trams – If you have ever been to Melbourne you will have seen and probably rode on their amazing trams. But did you know Melbourne’s system is the biggest outside of Europe, in fact it is the 4th largest in the world!
  5. Super Hero links – Before Melbourne was given it’s name, it was named Batman by John Batman who purchased a large plot of land back in 1835.
  6. Chinatown – Chinese food is just one of the great food delights of Melbourne. If you are looking for Chinese food then you can’t go past Melbourne’s Chinatown, a food meca for all things crispy duck, sweet and sour and black bean. But did you know that Chinatown was founded in 1851 by gold hunters and this is still today the longest settlement outside China in the West.
  7. Size matters – Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, second to Sydney with just over four million people.



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For more information on Melbourne see the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce.

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