If you are like our staff at DHI, you will love your coffee. That is why we are so excited to be opening in 2017 in Melbourne. Interestingly

We guzzle coffee in every one of its structures, from espresso to a flat white — we’re fixated and we can’t get enough.

In any case, how precisely did the city turn out to be so captivated with coffee, and what are its roots on the planet’s most livable city?


Melbourne’s coffee and cafe history

The appropriate response lies in the 1880s, when spruce gentlemen and dressed, perfumed women had espresso in espresso Palace’s — which were the bars of their day — as the city walked out on the unsafe impacts of liquor.

And after that the 1st coffee touched base in the 1930s and flagged espresso’s ascent to acclaim.


Essendon Coffee Palace 1890

the federal coffee palace 1886

The Windor Hotel


Liquor was turning into an issue in Melbourne in the 1880s, and many individuals were tired of drunken people and their hostile to behaviour in Melbourne.

One of the impacts of this development was the presentation of fabulous espresso royal residences that offered a beautiful environment, lodging rooms and mingling — all without the liquor.

Amid the 1880s, espresso royal residences were springing up all over Melbourne and there was more than 50 by 1888 — turning into a famous place to sit and talk about the news of the day.

A standout amongst the most acclaimed in the city was the Fabulous Espresso Royal residence, which is currently the Windsor Lodging. It was at first worked as an inn.

In the 1890’s a financial crisis brought the long stretch of economic boom to a sudden end and espresso royal residences were hit hard, with most applying for alcohol licenses by the end of the 90’s to supplement their waning revenues.



Alcohol was back — yet Melbourne had built up a preference for coffee.

Melbourne just had drip coffee until the 1930s — and tea was by a wide margin the favoured beverage — until the god-like espresso arrived in Melbourne.

Espresso was designed in 1901 by Luigi Bezzera in Milan, and an early coffee machine ended up in Melbourne by the 1930s at Bistro Florentino on Bourke Road.

Coffee must be found in eateries and a couple of Italian markets, and it wasn’t until the 1950s that this started to become main stream.

In 1953, Melburnians Henry Cyril Bancroft and his boy “Peter” went to London’s first coffee bar and secured the right to stock Gaggia coffee machines.

They opened a famous cafe in St Kilda the next year and the interest for the machines developed, soon acquired by the College Bistro in Lygon Road and Pellegrini’s in Bourke Road.

Post-war transients went ahead to populate the internal city rural areas of Collingwood and Fitzroy after World War II and an European bistro culture started.

More established style teahouses were soon changed over into espresso lounges and the vogue for coffee spread from the generally transient rural areas to drain bars and rural strip malls.

By the Seventies, there was a clamoring espresso culture in Melbourne which kept on making strides directly through the 90s.

Eating out turned out to be more casual in the 90s and the city’s laneways loaded with bistros and easygoing eating eateries — where individuals sat and smoked while they making the most of their coffee.

The espresso chains from America soon got on to our adoration for espresso and began invading the city, yet we asked them to leave for good with their below average espresso that was definitely no match to the magnificent mixes to which Melbourne had turned out to be usual.

In 2008, Starbucks shut seventy for each penny of its stores in Melbourne, going from 22 stores to only 5 — demonstrating that we won’t drink only any old espresso.


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