Most people you ask who have visited Melbourne rave about the culture, the cafes and the people. In fact, many people say “if the weather was better, I would definitely live in Melbourne”. This is why DHI are launching the best hair transplants in Melbourne in 2017, to be part of the culture, the cafes, the people and the weather.


Melbourne's famous skyline from Southbank towards Flinders St Station in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Melbourne coffee

Melbourne definitely has some of the best coffee we have tasted in Australia. Maybe this is because Melbourne has more coffee roasters per capita than anywhere else in Australia, or maybe it is the Italian influence. What surprised us was that in most places it is cheaper to buy a cup of coffee than Sydney, Brisbane or even the Gold Coast. We are not complaining, however, if we can get what we consider to be the best coffee for a great price and with friendly service, we consider this a major win.


Melbourne Culture

Is it the cultural melting pot that is Melbourne, is it the way the city is set out or is it just that Victorians are fantastic people? We don’t know but whenever you talk to people they comment that Melbourne has a great feeling, a great vibe and a lot of history.

We find much of the city to have a bit of a grunge or alternative feel which is a great relaxing feel to have. Many streets and café’s in Melbourne you could spend hours doing work in and drinking coffee and you feel you have got out of the office and had some real culture. So next time you are feeling cooped up in your office, get out to one of the great cafes in Melbourne and work from a table with great coffee, great service and make sure you take some time to watch some of the diverse café goers.



The Melbourne Weather

“If the weather was better was better I would definitely live in Victoria” is a comment that we hear all the time. It is not that it is cold in Melbourne all year round and you never get a summer. It definitely gets hot in Melbourne, in the 40’s sometimes. It is more the “four seasons in one day” that most people have trouble with. Often you need to take a jacket in case it gets cold, an umbrella in case the beautiful blue sky turns grey and rains and a t-shirt for when it gets hot again.

All in all we think Melbourne is one of the best cities in Australia and well worth a visit if it is not a place that would consider living.

If you are considering a hairline redesign in Melbourne or a beard transplant you will need to make sure you bring an umbrella and a jacket to your consultation. To get a personalised quote on your hair transplant, see the hair transplant cost page.

For more information on Melbourne see the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce.


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