At DHI Australia we understand that each individual case is different. Treating our patients like the individuals that they are, our DHI certified doctors will recommend a treatment plan, which is tailored specifically to your individual needs. We’re all about giving you the best chance to achieve the natural results you desire. DHI Australia offers the most advanced hair transplant in Sydney, Brisbane & Gold Coast and Melbourne.

At your consultation, we will walk you through the history of your hair loss. During this time we will identify the eligibility of your donor hair and present you with a realistic summary, which presents you as a candidate for Direct Hair Implantation.


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DHI offers the latest in hair loss technology. At your consultation, we work out your eligibility and provide you with a treatment plan. The diagnosis is based on the strict protocols of DHI Global Medical Group. Your questions will be answered and we love to educate you as we know there is so much more to a great hair transplant than just number of hairs. At DHI we believe in quality, and each individual hair follicle is valued. Over 90% of the implanted hairs survive, all due to our finely tuned DHI technique.

You are not just a number, your assessment is detailed and we will walk you through your journey because we are here to help you!

Once we have determined if you are eligible for a Direct Hair Implantation or for any of our other restoration services, we then tailor a cost to your needs.


How much does a hair transplant cost?

Given that each individual case is different, and treatment time can vary greatly from patient to patient, prices can vary. For this reason, a full consultation is needed prior to determining an exact price for your individual treatment.

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