DHI Beard Reconstruction

About the method

Our Facial Reconstruction program is suitable for both men and women who want to grow their own facial hair for natural and long lasting results. This uses our flagship hair restoration solution, Direct Hair Implantation to restore facial hair by using hair from a donor area (generally your scalp) and transplants them to desired areas. We apply the latest innovations in hair replacement technology to deliver excellent results that you will love, and best of all, can be done in one sitting.


How it works

The method is highly advanced, but it’s also simple, yet very effective. With the DHI technique, we extract each hair follicle one by one from the donor area (a location on the scalp where hair is dense and in abundance) and then implant it directly to the area you desire. Hair follicles are then implanted after they are extracted. Recovery time is fast and your own hair begins to grow from the newly implanted follicles, with noticeable results seen within one to three months

A cut above the rest

Many other facial reconstruction solution providers are still using outdated techniques that have been superseded by the DHI technique. We use only the finest instruments to handle the hair follicles, there is only a minimal postoperative medication that you will need to take because the entire procedure is performed quickly and painlessly. We eliminated the need for medical assistants and reception roles, because the placement of new follicles is performed using the DHI implanter


Smaller diameter punches lead to faster healing times and less marks as a result of less trauma to the scalp and less damage to the local blood supply. We provide the solution that is the least invasive, yet, manages to provide the best results. There is no handling of the graft, which increases the survival rate of the hair follicles. Our technique is quick and painless, meaning less time in the chair for the patient, along with a higher level of comfort during and after the procedure.

Get Your
Own Hair Back!

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Everyone is unique. Your hair loss differs from your brother’s and from your uncle’s. Your treatment needs to be tailored for your specific needs. We will evaluate your eligibility and provide you guidance on how to get your own hair back. Just fill out the form below, upload a few photos, one from the front, top and back. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours. It’s that simple!



We transplant your hair follicles, resulting in regrowth of your own hair. This provides natural results that look and feel great.



The DHI technique ensures over 90% survival rate for hair follicles, leaving you with maximised results, that will last a lifetime.



The DHI technique requires only a short downtime after surgery. This means virtually no pain, no stitches and no scars.



Medically approved and clinically tested. DHI is safe and uses advanced instruments that extract and implant the hair respecting each follicle.



DHI offers a holistic approach to the medical, psychological, mathematical and artistic factors to select the appropriate hair loss treatment.

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