Beard Transplant
Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne

Get a thick, full and natural beard with DHI’s beard transplants

A hair transplant in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane isn’t limited to just the hair on your head; in fact, beard transplants have become more and more popular and more sophisticated in recent years. Just as with normal hair implantation, the donor hairs for a beard transplant come from your scalp – either the back or sides of it, wherever your hair is the densest. Depending on your goals, we can add a slight filling to a smaller area, or we can achieve a thick, full beard for you.

With DHI’s technique you receive:

  • Natural results that look and feel great
  • Maximised results that last a lifetime
  • No scalpel, no stitches and no scarring

We take the donor hairs for your future beard from your scalp because, typically, this is where you have a lot of hair, and it tends to resemble facial hair in both texture and growth characteristics. Sometimes the closest match is with hairs from the side of the scalp, other times with hair from the back of the scalp. Other steps are taken to ensure a natural look, including the careful placement of the grafts at the exact correct angle and direction and the use of microscopically-dissected grafts. We even take into account the occurrence and distribution of any existing grey hairs in the restored areas.

Procedure & Recovery

After the best location has been determined, the hair follicles are carefully harvested from your scalp. Depending on the number of hairs harvested, the procedure will take between 2-5 hours and is performed under local anaesthesia. Thanks to DHI’s custom designed implanting tool, we have complete control over the depth and the direction of the implanted hair, achieving a nice and natural-looking result. Depending on how your natural facial hair grows, the hairs are transplanted as one and sometimes two hair grafts.

Recovery time is fast and essentially painless. For the first five days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair and the transplanted area must be kept absolutely dry. The newly implanted follicles will start to grow hair and show noticeable results within three to four months.

How will the new beard grow?

The new facial hair typically grows like normal facial hair. The texture and other characteristics of the hair follicle harvested from the scalp, once grown back, can be groomed, shaved or allowed to grow to any length similar to the original or native facial hair follicle. Once transplanted, the hairs are permanent and difficult to tell apart from your original beard.

Beard Transplant Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne

Whether you simply need some patchiness covered up, a fuller moustache or a complete beard, we can create the look you’re after. Contact DHI to arrange your consultation today.

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We transplant your hair follicles, resulting in regrowth of your own hair. This provides natural results that look and feel great.



The DHI technique ensures over 90% survival rate for hair follicles, leaving you with maximised results, that will last a lifetime.



The DHI technique requires only a short downtime after surgery. This means virtually no pain, no stitches and no scars.



Medically approved and clinically tested. DHI is safe and uses advanced instruments that extract and implant the hair respecting each follicle.



DHI offers a holistic approach to the medical, psychological, mathematical and artistic factors to select the appropriate hair loss treatment.

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