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Confidence is an incredibly powerful emotion. It plays a crucial role in decision making and can also mean the difference between landing that job or business deal you’ve been working on. Whether it’s a social or professional situation, first impressions count. To see each one of our clients come in and to follow their hair loss journey is something that is really special to us. We don’t save people’s lives, but we do change them.

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    DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM for ALOPECIA- DSA Here at DHI Australia, we recognize that the correct medical diagnosis is the basis for the successful treatment, that is why we have developed a very sophisticated medical diagnostic approach.

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    DHI TOTAL CARE SYSTEM Our Total Care System is a holistic approach to the Medical, Psychological, Mathematical & Artistic factors to select the best treatment.

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    47 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, WORLDWIDE Since 1970, our doctors have been at the forefront of hair transplant technology. We have been innovating, improving & achieving for over 45 years.

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    NATURAL RESULTS, GUARANTEED DHI technique allows our doctors to fully control the placement of the implanted hairs. We only implant your own hair and follow the natural angles and directions your hair grows. It’s truly rewarding to be able to deliver the best hair transplant results to patients with hair loss in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Natural results are guaranteed.

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6 Reasons Why People Go Bald

Sometimes hair loss is accelerated by factors that disrupt normal hair growth. Find out the 6 key reasons for hair loss and what you can do about it

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How To Avoid A Bad Hair Transplant & Scarring

A bad hair transplant or obvious scars can be devastating. Corrective procedures are difficult. We give our top tips on how to avoid a bad hair transplant.

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How To Know When Hair Loss Is Causing Emotional Strain

Hair loss is known to have an emotional impact on the people who suffer from it. Find out if hair loss is causing emotional strain and frustration.

Hair Loss Treatments

DHI Microsurgery Hair Transplant

100% guaranteed and natural results for lifetime

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PRP Growth Factor Therapy

Stimulate the scalp to endorse hair growth with platelet rich plasma.

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DHI Microsurgery Hairline Redesign

A non-invasive procedure to restore or lower your hairline by using Direct Hair Implantation method. One day treatment and results for life.

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Beard Reconstruction

We are able to regrow more delicate hairs on the face by removing follicles on the scalp & transplant them to grow as facial hair to reconstruct your beard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my receding hairline redesigned?

Yes, we use the same direct implantation technique for a receding hairline treatment so that our doctors can get you the best and most natural looking hairline.

Will I be treated by a doctor?

All of our procedures are completed by a highly trained doctor.

Do you perform a beard transplant?

Yes, we offer a specific service for beard transplants and we have many patients that our doctors treat who have a patchy beard or hair missing for many reasons. This is an extremely popular procedure in all clinics.

What is the cost of a hair transplant?

We offer pricing information on our hair transplant cost page, the best way to get started is with a personalised quote on this page.

What cities do you have clinics in?

DHI Australia have clinics in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You can read more about each city by clicking on these links:  Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. For additional information on hair loss see WebMD

What causes hair loss?

  1. Stress: one of the first symptoms of stress can be hair loss. The bad news is, losing your hair can often be a cause of more stress and can make the problem worse.
  2. Poor diet: if you are lacking in essential nutrients, you may experience hair loss. As the main component of hair is protein, if this is lacking from your diet you may see a negative effect on your hair, inhibiting follicle growth.
  3. Smoking: As smoking reduces oxygen and increases carbon monoxide in the blood the supply to the scalp, follicles may be damaged.
  4. Hormonal imbalances: Hormone issues like thyroid imbalances can cause hair loss in women. Drops in oestrogen levels before and after childbirth and menopause is another reason women might experience hair loss.
  5. Diseases or infections: some diseases that cause fever, anaemia or damage to the skin (eczema, skin infections, trauma) can also contribute to hair loss.
  6. Genetics: the most common season for baldness and hair loss is genetics. It is the cause for about 90% of men and women hair loss issues. The cause is related to hormone levels changing, a trait inherited from your parents. This type of hair loss is called androgenetic alopecia, and occurs in a distinctive pattern (sometimes called male pattern hair loss or male pattern baldness) that can begin any time after puberty and becomes progressively more noticeable with age.

How does hair grow?

The hair growth cycle can be broken down into 3 stages;

  1. Anagen: this is the active phase of new hair formation and growth. This phase lasts between 2-5 years and the growing hair pushes the old hair out of the follicle as it grows.
  2. Catagen: this is the transitional phase, which lasts around 14-21 days. During this phase growth stops and the outer root, sheath detaches from the follicle wall.
  3. Telogen: this is the resting stage and typically lasts around 100 days for scalp hair. During this stage, hair can either be pulled out or shed. As we age, some of the follicles stop working, or in some cases, the anagen phase will get shorter and we will shed hair at a faster rate.

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